Golden kitties, Medium-ISH size bucket bags. Oopsy version!

Ruby Fox Yarns

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Golden big kitties on a burgundy background with lime green inside to really complete the look - If only one of the handles was not back to front.
This is the ONLY ERROR with making this bag and the price is reduced to reflect the error if you would like one of these lovely golden babies with the handles facing the same way (probably - at this stage it's happening far too often and may just become a feature!) hop onto this listing here to find a non oopsy version or another colour combo you might enjoy there's a few to choose from all are my favourites. The main difference is they might take an extra few days to dispatch.

Why are these named medium-ISH you ask? well.. they were supposed to be a whole lot smaller than my big bucket bag but in reality, they're only marginally smaller than those giant ball bags (yarn balls I mean get your minds out of the gutter).

These bucket bags are 43cm/17inches wide and 38m/15in with a smaller boxed corner than the big bag but it really has very little impact on how much bag REAL ESTATE there is in these bags. 

The main difference other than height with these medium-ISH bags is the outer fabrics are beautiful high-quality cotton, mostly produced in Japan (Ruby star society prints are my weakness and now yours too I don't doubt) rather than the more durable canvas. The cotton, while not sensible things like - waterproof, is certainly beautiful and easier to fold down and store when not in use, not to mention a little easier on the wallet.

All are lined with a thoughtfully chosen Pima cotton lining block colour.