Big Bronze Balls Bucket Bag OOAK FABRIC RUN.

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I think the title says it all for this product!

This is a one-of-a-kind (well, four I suppose but ya know I can't get the fabric again -BELIEVE ME I HAVE TRIED) Bucket bag. 

These four bags are exceptionally large and roomy, I have not included any pockets of any sort so don't search for them - but when I say this bag is big - feel free to stick your damn purse in with your knitting cause YOU CAN with this behemoth of a project vessel.


The outer fabric on this bag is a Japanese thicker woven cloth, it has a duck or drill quality but it is canvas. The bronze balls of yarn printed throughout are embossed and utterly beautiful in every way. The fabric design itself is from a collection done by Sarah Watts of the Ruby star society - with whom I am completely obsessed, all of her collections since I began making bags have been fabric-based art- my only gripe is one of the fabric worlds in general - once a print is gone its gone (my kingdom for the Tokyo train ride series to return).

With a rough height of 17 inches - 43cm and the same across the bottom with a boxed corner, the inside of these literal buckets is lime green and has a rather wonky, but lovingly hand-sewn on labels. with Hot pink thread because It's adorable.

The straps are carry length and have been stitched to reinforce them, both along them and when affixing them to the bag itself, which leads me to link the one fair maiden oopsy version of this lovely bag where one strap is ... well she showing her true colors on the outside, that one has been discounted by 15 dollars for a tired lady mistake - you can find that one here 


As I mentioned this is a special group of four due to the fabric constraints, however, slightly smaller siblings - which fabric from the same and other equally lovely ranges (from Sarah again, what can I say I am a fangirl) are in the works. and will be available as soon as humanly possible!

Please refer to pictures 4 and 5 to visualize what I say when I say - behemoth. Picture four has 8 balls of already balled sock yarn 2 LARGE jelly rolls of fabric and 2 SMALL jelly rolls of fabric - and she still looks empty. Picture five has a selection of 2m+ folds of fabric - yes you make see some more knit themes in there - they're coming I promise. Like I said - these are some big bronze ball bucket bags in every way.