About us

Back in 2014 a bored mother of a one year old taught herself to crochet. And knit. And dye yarn. This passion turned into a business some of you reading this will be familiar with. Flock and needle was founded from my kitchen in 2015 and we had 3 good years of craziness.
Unfortunately 2017 and 2018 were marred by the loss of two great men in my life. I could not continue to be the force behind such a freight train and heck it was a train! So after closing her down and taking a step back from online and social media and all of that for almost 2 years. I'm back and we have a new name to commemorate the kings among men I lost in those dark times, my brother and my father.
The yarns and philosophy of one can never have enough yarn is still the same, it is simply our name that has changed. Take a ride on the yarn wild side with me.
Ali M xo