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Hey yall after a long hiatus I am getting myself back online, The pandemic and its assorted issues really took its toll on me and my anxiety so I had to just... cut out for a while.

A few months ago I was finally diagnosed with ADHD which is the main root cause of my anxiety and why everything at all times has felt like a marathon and my joy was gone.

Now I'm medicated and the world is less scary I would like to be the first to admit my email box scared me. especially when I had to take the drastic step of shutting down RFY. I.WAS.TERRIFIED. I know that's not rational anxiety never is. But here I am back and loving communication. small jobs are no longer a perceived mountain climb - my to do list is not the devil anymore.

I would love to get back into selling - I am not 100% sure it will be hand dyed yarn and if it is it will be where my mind takes me with no repetition. Until then you can see what I DO have about my person via etsy if you cant wait -

Or here in a few days it is mostly undyed at this point but I did find a few special babies and holy good golly guys is there a PILE of project bags i just up and stopped making on my sewing desk. You would not believe how ADHD can just take you from one project to the next and make the first one instantly gone from memory.

anyways love yiz all


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  • Love u 😘

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