The Christmas Marathon.

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I love Christmas. I love it. I love everything about it. This year should be even more exciting as it is our first Christmas in our very own home. but it's not. WE ARE TIRED. We can not wait for the days where we do absolutely NOTHING over the break apart from eating leftovers until our stomachs cry.

That being said I still have made militant lists of what I'm doing and when. I have still got my kid's friend gifts even though he's six and doesn't care. I got his teacher THE gift to end her (she's a star was junkie) because frankly shes kept him out of my hair for at least 50% of the last 10 months and I love her for it. I've planned baking and cooking to the nanosecond and I've got two damn decorated trees. 

Tree one this one has all the cute things my kid has made the few years ate preschool and this year kindy. 

Tree two has all the fragile STUFF, including items I bought decades ago (when did I get so old???) that have made the journey to Australia with me.

Anyway, as you can see neither one of my trees is great shakes in the skirt dept so I am currently crocheting one (maybe two what planet am I on its the 18th) tree skirt using the FREE tree skirt pattern by the amazingly talented crochet designer Tamara Kelly at mooglyblog.


Heres my efforts so far - as you can clearly see the dog encroaching, she immediately sat on it and claimed it while I was attempting to photograph it. This does not bode well for the trees. 

Find the free pattern here -


I've also been working on the food side of Christmas - my husband says I'm trying to kill us all. We ordered a turducken and he is not at all sure but I am so excited to try it. His brother made the comment that obviously it needs duck fat roast potatoes with it (because of course, it does) and my husband went quite pale!

Never the less I will be making Nigellas duck fat roast potatoes to go with the beast. 

For the sweet side of things, there will be my classic trifle, and this year I've been experimenting with bread. something I have been scared of baking for YEARS but my amazing Breville bake boss mixer has taken the fear from me. We make some banging bread together now. This is the bread beast that will be gracing our table this year (hopefully my second attempt will be slightly more aesthetically pleasing), a stollen wreath. A must for anyone whos as addicted to marzipan as I am. 


Recipe for the stollen wreath is hereeeee -

If I'm honest I prefer the look of mine than theirs but who am I to judge them im obviously biased to my wonky one.

There will also be fudge - hopefully, baileys flavoured- and my special Christmas rocky road. On second thought maybe my husband is right maybe I am planning death by food. Oh well, what a way to die!

Good luck to my fellow warriors over the festive season and I will see you all in the new year for some actual DYEING! I am so excited to get my colours out I feel like a junky who hasn't had a hit in 2 years. 

Let me know what you guys are planning to do for your feasting this year and if you are on some sort of gift making marathon, I know some of you do that I'm far too erratic for that, the gift I start might not be finished for 3 years because I got bored. I better think about icing the Christmas cake soon I suppose - that thing I love Christmas cake with all its boozy glory, but it does take over your life for a few weeks, you gotta make it and feed it brandy or rum and then u gotta ice it and display it. 10/10 totally will keep doing it every single year. I use my tried and true recipe from my idol Nigella of course. she had 3 different sizes listed for your ease of use even - I always make the biggest size and make a largeish (again death by food murmuring from the corner) one and two tiny ones to give away as gifts. I've made the large one as one GIANT one before but you know - I couldn't lift the damn thing. Anyway, enough waffle here's the recipe link. - 

Incidentally, I can't recommend her Christmas recipe book highly enough I want to live inside it. 

Merry christmas to you and yours please eat drink rest and be merry and we will see you in the new year for some more yarn action

AliM xo


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