Sharing the love with a NOT free pattern saturday. Okay fine there is two free ones...

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This weeks a bit different I know normally we do free patterns round here on a Saturday but this week I think showing some love to some of my favourite paid patterns is in order. Pattern writing is hard and long - I've dabbled and frankly, my attention span is too short for writing patterns. The work that goes into these is not just the knitting and making things up - especially garments were talking maths here people there math they need to do for sizing! It's well beyond me so I, as many of you also I know are happy to pay for a good pattern.

While the free ones are nice and we now have quite the stash of these, paid patterns often are more in-depth and have been tested more thoroughly or cover more sizing and have a bit more pattern support. This is all awesome when it comes to difficult patterns. So all that said Im gonna share a few of my faves, these are all ones I've made - sometimes more than once - and can attest for their brilliance in writing and construction.


This first one is a Stephen west pattern - this will be a running theme when I share paid patterns since I think we all have our favourites and Stephen is one of mine. Dotted Rays is a joy to knit and has a cool construction and one of my fave elements, an I-cord edging.


The original pattern is written in two sizes since the release of this version there's also a couple of other variations in his store if you'd like to give a colourwork or scrappy one a go. 

Heres my one I knit the large size and holy moley it is LARGE! While it recommends 2 skeins of fingering weight for the large size you can stop when you like with this pattern making sure you've enough yarn left for the bind off. *Spoiler* I didn't. 

You can grab a dotted rays pattern here -


This next pattern was my first go at colorwork and I was kind of worried Id slelected something a bit too hard as a first colorwork project but because of the clear writing and charting in this pattern I had no issues at all. This is the beautiful Sunset Highway by Caitlin Hunter.

The colour work parts for this project also use relatively small amounts so you could also use your scraps, minis or leftovers, I used Mini skeins for my colorwork areas, which I really liked because I am always at a loss as to what to do with mini skeins!

Heres my effort pre-blocking. I don't think I've blocked it still come to think of it.

You can nab your copy here -


This last paid pattern (YES scroll to the end for a freebie I couldn't not include one) is by one of my absolute favorite ladies in knitting Joji Locatelli this is the fourth pattern I've made of hers, they are always written so clearly and construction is always clear and easy. She also accommodates a large range of sizes every time. Also they just kinda... fit well every time.

On the grass is a pattern I bookmarked when i was a beginner knitter, it looked amazing and I wanted one. But it was well beyond my skill level and every time since I've still put it in the too-hard basket because OMG miles of double seed stitch. But you know what guys I bit the bullet and started one and it was the fastest garment I have ever knit. It is so far from boring but also not taxing on the brain that it just flew off the needles in 2 weeks.

I kinda have a knitting fangirl crush on Joji.

Heres my On the grass 

I used my own castle leoch colourway in a light DK which is not what the pattern calls for - it calls for worsted weight but choosing the next size up to accommodate the smaller yarn worked because Joji's patterns are so forgiving. Grab your copy here -

and while you're there have a peek at her store she has some amazing garments!


Okay fangirl moment over, one freebie pattern for each discipline this week.

This pattern has been made to be free and is designed to be something to ease the stress of these troubled times. Mooncat shawl by Kelly McClure and was only published in the last few weeks. It is a potential stash buster also with just over half of a skein for each colour used.

You can add this lovely freebie to your library here -


This last one while is a paid pattern for Ravelry if you hop on over to her website you can access it free of charge, a crochet shawl this is the Juliette shawl by JessieAtHome and is what I think they call a bandana shawl? Since its joined at the back instead of a triangle shape. 


This one can be added to your library here -

and the free version of this pattern can be accessed here -


Phew that was a long one. 

Have a wonderful weekend and If you are in Australia or New Zealand today make sure to take a moment and observe the remembrance of our fallen soldiers on this ANZAC day. 


They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.

Today we remember those who gave their lives and liberties for our own. Many decades have passed but your sacrifice still makes a difference to us every day and that will never be forgotten.



Much love



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