One skein wonders PART DEUX!

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Last week researching these one skein wonders there were so many to choose from and I struggled to keep it to just the ones I shared, so this week we have some more ONE SKEIN WONDERS!

Also, its been a long busy week and I'm exhausted and I know many many of you guys are too so anything that takes low effort is golden right now. I myself started a new sweater this week using one of my own colourways on my light DK and twice I attached the wrong shoulder to the wrong front. TWICE. so let's find some low effort and low brainpower one skein wonders that will still have you showing off those amazing fancy skeins.

This first one while it does look like not a low effort project the old shale or feather and fan pattern used along the long v is not actually that difficult once you get into the rhythm of it. This is Multnomah by Hello Knitty and its perfect for that one skein of precious you have floating around.

You can add this one to your library here -

This next pattern I have had in my library for 5 years now and I have no idea why I haven't given it a go it's lovely and super simple!

Zilver by Lisa Mutch is a simple triable shawl with bands of texture to keep a laid back knit from getting boring.

Add this one or download it here! -

This next one I had to download just to see how they did the effect, it drops stitches to make this super cool ladder effect. Clapo-Ktus is designed for any yardage you have you just need to weigh it so you know when you need to start decreasing (or live dangerously like I would and guess).

You can add this one here -

This last one is a crochet pattern which can be worn a couple of different ways to give different effects. It looks like a chunky scarf worn one way or an open lace wrap worn another. This pattern comes from moogly the crochet queen so while you can add it to your Ravelry library on their website the free version of the pattern comes directly from moogly blog so I have provided that link for you!

The bonus with this pattern is moogly says it's artfully simple and that is what we want to hear this week!!

Find the free version of this pattern here -


Now it wouldn't be Easter without a giveaway so here it is!

I've decided to giveaway TWO of these cozy care packages for Easter.

Entry is easy, orders over 75 dollars in-store until Wednesday next week (the 15th) will be automatically entered into the draw to win one of my cozy care packages in a colour story of YOUR choice!

Of course, the store is still 20% and will remain so for quite some time to come!


I am super behind with orders please don't be mad at me its 1000000% to do with FedEx who I don't blame at all the postal service at the moment is under huge pressure but still it does affect me a lot when my yarn order required to fill all you guys orders takes a holiday in France for two weeks. I've also ordered another shipment of undyed yarns to fall into the FedEx vortex next week so stay tuned for more of my utter frustration which makes me also feel terribly guilty for feeling!!

None of you are forgotten and I love you all for your patience and generosity at this time.  

Please have a lovely long weekend eat lots of chocolate, enjoy your family and some guilt-free time to do what YOU want. There are no obligations this weekend NONE - I know some of you need to hear that! 

Lots of love and hugs


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  • Hi AliM,

    Thank you so much for sharing more one skein patterns. No brainer patterns is just what I need at the moment.
    Stay safe and enjoy your yarn time 😊

    Fran on

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