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Hi yall special post to offer up the MILLS cardigan pattern from a previous post in ENGLISH as its originally in german, hopefully, this is helpful!


original can be found here-

if you'd like to read it in german, please be aware I might have a couple of mistakes as I am no german speaker!

XS (S / M / L / XL / XXL / XXXL)


Chest circumference in cm *

108 (117/127/136/145/152/160)


Length from armpit in cm

54 (56/58/58 / 60/60/62)


Sleeve length from armpit in cm

52 (52/55 / ​​55/55/55/55)


Upper sleeve circumference in cm

29 (33/39/44 / 48/50/53)


* Shawl collar not folded down on both sides; with folded shawl collar about 20 cm less

You will need this for the cardigan with pearl pattern

-   Merino wool (LL 80 m / 50 g) in light gray mottled, 750 (800/850/900/950/1000/1050) g ​​-

- circular knitting needle 5.5 mm , 60 cm and 100 cm long -

- circular knitting needle 5.0 mm , 60 cm and 100 cm long -

- circular needle 3.0 mm , 100 cm long -

- 4  stitch markers-

- yarn to put on hold sleeve stiches-



This cardigan is very easy and quick to knit. It is seamlessly knitted in one piece from top to bottom with raglan sleeves. After the body of the jacket has been knitted, stitches are added for the panel. The panel is knitted in a simple pearl pattern.


Cut and fit

The cardigan is cut straight and casual. The information for size XS is in front of the brackets, those for sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL and XXXL in brackets. If there is only one entry, this applies to all sizes.


Stitch test

Stockingette with Nd 5.5 mm: 16 M x 23 R = 10 x 10 cm (washed and lying flat dried)


Adjust the Nd thickness if necessary to reach gauge.



2MR = make one stitch right - M1R

MMu = slip stitch marker


Basic pattern

stockinette on the right in rows:

Knit all sts on the right side, purl all sts on the back row.


stockinette right in rounds:

knit on the right side


Pearl pattern in rows for the collar:


ROW 1 (from right ): 1 st knit, * 1 st purl, 1 st knit *, repeat from * to * until the last st, 1 st right.

ROW 2 (RS): Work all sts as they appear.

ROW3 (from right ): 1 st knit, * 1 st knit, 1 st purl *, repeat from * to * until the last st, 1 st left.

ROW 4 (RS): Work all sts as they appear.


Pearl pattern in rounds:


1st round: * p1,k1 *, from * to * repeat until the end of the round.

2nd round: Work every st as they appear.

3rd round: * k1, p1 *, repeat from * to * rep until the end of Rd.

4th Rd: All sts as they appear.


that's how it works

With Nd 5.5 mm 47 (49/53/59/61 / 69/69) M connect



RS : knit 2 sts, place MM, knit 8 (8/10/12/12/12/12) sts, place MM, knit 27 (29/29/31/33/41/41) sts, place MM, knit 8 (8/10/12/12/12/12) sts, place MM, knit2 sts.

  1. R (from RS): 4 x (knit to 1st in front of the MM, make one right, MMU, 2MR(M1K)), KNIT to the end of round.
  2. R (back-R): PURL, slipping all MMu.
  3. Repeat 1st and 2nd row 15 (17/19/21/23 / 25/27) times until each sleeve has 40 (44/50/56/60/64/68) sts and the back has 59 (65 / 69/75/81/93/97) st .


Put sleeve stitches on hold and work the body

Right-side: Work right until MM, remove MM, cast on 3 (4/6/7/8/7/8) sts, put MM, cast on 3 (4/6/7/8/7/8) sts, Place 40 (44/50/56/60/64/68) sleeve sts on hold, remove MM, work right to MM, remove MM, 40 (44/50/56/60/64/68) sleeve- Place sleeve stitches on hold, remove MM, cast on 3 (4/6/7/8/7/8) sts, insert MM, cast on 3 (4/6/7 / 8/7/8) sts, work stockinette until End of row.

Now there are 107 (121 / 137/151/165/177/189) sts on the row. Work stockinette stitch until the body measures 44 (46 / 48/48/50/50/52) cm from the armpit or up to 10 cm less than the desired total length.


With Nd 5.0 mm, knit the next 23 rows in pearl pattern. End with a back-R.

On next row from RS: Cast off all sts in pearl pattern.


Sleeves - knit twice

Place the 40 (44/50/56/60/64/68) sleeves that have been put back on the Nd 5.5 mm, connect the working thread. Pick up 3 (4/6/7/8/7/8) sts from the armpit edge, put MM, pick up 3 (4/6/7/8/7/8) sts from the armpit edge and close to the round. Now there are 46 (52/62/70/76/78/84) sts on Nd.

Work 10 (10/8/8/8/6/6) round in stocking st, slipping markers MMu.

decrease Rd: MMu, knit one, knit 2 together, knit  to 3 sts before MM, SSK, knit 1. knit 7 (7/7/7/5/5/5) Rd. Repeat the last 8 (8/8/8/6/6/6) rounds 5 (5/9/10/13/13/15) times.

Now there are 34 (40/42/48/48/50/52) sts on the edge. Work stocking stitch until the sleeve measures 42 (42 / 45/45/45/45/45) cm from the armpit or 10 cm less than the desired total length.


With Nd 5.0 mm, work the next 23 rounds in pearl pattern. Cast off all sts in pearl pattern on next row



use 3.0 mm needle to pick up stitches the band - start at the lower right edge and pick up 3 sts per 4 rows on the right front, then 47 (49/53/59/61/69/69) sts from the neck edge Pick up 3 sts each for 4 rows on the left front to the bottom left edge. Make sure that there is an even stitch number.

 Work the next 47 rows in a pearl pattern with Nd 5.0 mm. End with a back-R. On the next row from the right side loosely cast off all sts in the pearl pattern.



Sew all threads. Wash the cardigan and then let it dry flat.


I really hope this helps you guys out!!

Heres a picture of my beautiful mother-in-laws version made with rusty bottom!


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