Isolation is getting to me! Things to do with yarn AND KIDS!

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If you are like me and have your kiddos home for this lockdown and are now at a loss as to what on earth you do with your kids, here's a few fun things you can do with them that involves yarn.

My kiddos school has been amazing in providing learning support for him for this week but its also harder to get him to stay focused than nailing jelly to the wall. so finding something fun we can both do has been my main source of concern this week. We did spend the entirety of Wednesday building lego and if you'd like a 30 day lego challenge for your kiddo there's a cool one here -

The yarny ones I've picked out for you are ones that I've tried out before and my kiddo did have fun and there's a minimal mess from them which honestly the queen isn't visiting atm so it really doesn't matter but also why make more work for yourself?


These are Ojos de Dios or gods' eyes and the task for these can come in two stages - you can get your kiddos outside in the garden to collect two appropriate sticks to use if you don't have tongue depressors or lolly sticks around.

along the same vein is these cute butterflies 

The tutorial for these can be found here -


The one my son really wants to do is this one so we will be having a go at it this week. and that's yarn wrapped cardboard letters, depending on how he goes with an A ill maybe get him to do his whole name for his bedroom wall!

The tutorial for that (though its kind of self-explanatory) is here -


Finally, if you're wanting to teach your younglings to actually do knitting or crochet making a simple blanket with them would be an awesome idea - though you're a better person than I if you have the patience to teach this skill.

Moogly has an excellent post with tips on teaching your child to crochet here -

how we learn has an excellent post with tips for teaching knitting -

If you're successful with crochet lessons you could work together on a longer project to make a granny square blanket, a simple granny square pattern can be found here -



If you're a super teacher and manage to get your kiddo knitting how about working together to make a mitred square blanket?


The key advice id give for any of these projects is let them choose their colours and maybe even your colours too depending on their age :D

I don't know about you but this last week or so has made me so so grateful to the teaching staff of my child's school. Their abilities and their patients are just off the charts for me and I have made a mental note to let my sons teach know how much I appreciate her when this is all over with and he's back in school. Also to get her something awesome at the end of the year which is probably alcoholic.

There was no yarn waffle this week as the entire family is home and its impossible to get 10 minutes of peace to film anything at all right now. 

There has been a reduction in skein price store wide by 4 dollars followed by the additional 20% off sale, I will be running that for the entirety of this lockdown because life is hard enough right now and any savings I can pass onto you guys I will, and if it helps me keep afloat (which it does it really does) is all to the better.

Please all stay safe and follow your countries advice, stay home stay well and craft your hearts out. personally I am doing operation finish all the things, which oddly for me is only 3 projects?

lots of love AliM


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