Free pattern saturday this week with patterns you didn't know were free!

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I am used to splashing my cash for pretty much anything Stephen west does but did you know the amazing man has a free pattern? I DIDNT! But now I do and I'm sharing that knowledge with you guys so we can all add it to our library. In case you have never heard of Stephen west of West knits, he writes and designs inspired patterns that are so easy to follow even the most beginning of knitters can do half of them. He blazes trails through the knitting world in everything he does. Truly inspiring designs and always wearable if unusual.


The free pattern in question is the Boneyard shawl, unisex, simple and quick as it's in a DK weight yarn.



You can add this one to your queue here -

I also highly recommend you check out Stephens other patterns I have made at least 4 now and every single one is fun and interesting.

The next pattern I literally refused to believe was free without heading to their website and checking out every week. the Sheepjes CAL 2019 is completely free to join in with, with your own yarn. They do make kits which you can purchase but the pattern itself? FREE! This pattern is amazingly intricate and the number of hours that must have gone into designing it... I am in awe.

The blanket itself is called the Rozeta, for this one you need to click on through to their website from Ravelry and it took me a few seconds to figure out where the heck the pattern is so I will give you both the links to the Ravelry page for it and a direct link to week one of the CAL. 



Add to your ravelry library here -

Direct link to the starting week of the CAL here -


I hope these are eye-opening for you always have a check through to see what gems are being offered for free occasionally on Ravelry. I am fully behind supporting my fellow creators by buying their patterns, they're hard work to make, but everyone likes a little something for free sometimes right? Also if you already knew these were free hell why didn't you tell me?!!!


Onto this week's yarn waffle, I show you some yarns I've purchased from a couple of my fellow local dyers and I open two mystery bags of yarn, with mixed results! I also set myself a challenge for next weeks episode...- watch that here


Also, incase you missed it the store is 25% off until further notice because someone (me) ordered a sickening amount of yarn and I'm actually scared about it. so please - send help.


Till next week yall



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