Free pattern Saturday this week! sock edition!

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This week's free pattern Saturday - sock edition!

For this week's free patterns I wanted to share with you two free sock patterns. Both of which I have had a stab at in the past.

Now I hate making socks, this serial procrastinator can't handle having to make two items the same in a row, though two at a time is much nicer and is the only way id do socks now! But both of the patterns I'm sharing today I've done and enjoyed.

The first is an extremely popular one you've probably all seen before which is Hermione's everyday sock by Erica Lueder. This pattern is simple but not boring and perfect for any kind of hand-painted sock yarn as it comes out so interesting every time. I made these in cascade heritage silk 4 years ago, they're well-loved and very fuzzy now.

You will need small needles for magic loop or DPNs in 2.25mm and some of your favourite fingering weight.

The pattern can be downloaded or added to your library here -

The other sock pattern I wanted to share is the Foot Ovens pattern by  Stephanie Pearl-McPhee This is a bulky sock pattern, this not only makes it fast to make but also TOASTY WARM! which I know a lot of you in the northern hemisphere, are well in need of at the moment. I made these for my husband in cascade 128 and they're still going very strong now 4 years later. 


Youll need 5mm needles or DPNs for these ones and a bulky yarn of some sort (or two DK strands held together).

This pattern can be downloaded or added to your library here -

Also, did you know the best way to not get blisters from your work boots? wear a thin pair of wool or cotton blend socks and a pair of thick socks over them! stops blisters and if you so need it - extra warm!

Final bushfire raffle update

Yesterday, my hubby helped me pick the winners for our mega yarn haul raffle which was done in the name of donations for the bushfire charities, Red Cross and WIRES.

With over 200 entries and two winners each winning a yarn haul of their very own. The final tally of our collective donations were a total of $1520, donated on Friday morning. We have raised $850 for WIRES in VIC (it was bought to my attention that WIRES NSW has in excess of 25m donated so far and VIC has next to nothing) and we have raised $670 for Red Cross Australia.

Congratulations to the two winners, Jennifer and Trish. I have sent personal emails to everyone winners or losers and I really do appreciate every word of support I've had back from those of you who have responded despite not winning (that is so lovely). It just enforces my feeling that crafters are just the BEST people. Big hearts and generous souls every one of you- even if you could not afford to donate I know there are people sitting up late making baby pouches for our animals and supporting our firefighters with donations of food or supplies. Even a kind thought is totally appreciated by everyone if it's all you have, so thank you all so so much.

If you'd like to see the video of my hot hubs picking the winner you can see that here in this weeks knit podcasty vlog thingy from youtube-


Finally, this weekend is a long weekend for us over here in Australia as it is Australia day, this is a day with a lot of mixed feelings in this country as it is really not seen as a day for celebration for the indigenous people of our country and I agree with them. Change the date is a thing that should and must come to pass, sooner rather than later. 

That conflict aside we are celebrating the fact we have no work on Monday with an Australia day sale in the store with 15% off storewide until midnight Monday night AEST. The discount code for this is AUSTRALIADAY.

That's it for this week! Keep your eyes peeled for a video of a toe-up cast on video on my channel this week so you can get started on your socks with ease!

Have a good weekend 

much love 




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