Free pattern saturday this time with patterns for the littles in your life!

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This week I wanted to share a couple of free patterns for kiddy clothes.

I have attempted to make my child several garments but even when he chooses the color and style he doesn't wear them. May all of your luck be better than mine!

The first one is more of a baby item than a kiddy one but its just so adorable and cute!

It goes up to 24 months in size and it's just an adorable cardigan in a 4 ply yarn so it's not too thick for most climates. It is the Sunnyside pattern by Tanis fiber arts.


This cuteness can be downloaded or added to your Ravelry library here -

The next pattern I wanted to share was one I have attempted to make myself (until my child changed his mind halfway through and wanted something else. I believe he is definitely related to me) and that is the Professor sweater by Rae Blackledge.



This one can be downloaded or added to your library here, elbow patches and all-


The last one is also a cardigan but for our crochet fans, it's only written in two sizes however as it is crochet I feel like you would be easily able to customize for your child (or yourself). This is the Flow cardigan pattern by Vendula Maderska.


You can add this adorable cardi to your library or direct download it here -


This is the part of the blog where I normally link my Friday yarn waffle video. However, I did a stupid thing this week dear reader. I listened to my husband. He suggested this week why don't I buy a tripod and use our actual camera to do my youtube content. Then I can use proper editing software (from adobe so ya know expensive and took forever to download). SO I did. I went and got a new tripod and charged up the extremely expensive DSLR we own and recorded. Simple? No worries? No. I then spent the entire day and night downloading these adobe programs because our internet is shockingly slow, only to discover in our move we have mislaid the camera to PC connector cable. Needless to say, I am not a happy camper.




If I can manage it, that video will be live on Sunday or Monday. 


There is however a FLASH SALE until tomorrow in store to entertain yourselves with the code for which is FLASH and it takes 25% off all purchases 

until next week!




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