Free pattern saturday - one skein wonders!

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WE all have them, go on admit it. Even the most regimented and organised of yarnies will have at least one. That one skein you just could not walk past, it called to you from its shelf or spot on the website. You only came in for the exact yarn you wanted for that sweater you want to make but this little siren with its song called to you and it had to come home with you. The problem is one skein you bring it home you love on it and pet it a bit then you stash it and nothing is ever quite right to match it or the perfect pattern is never quite good enough for this bundle of beauty.

Heres a few of my sirens I rummaged through and found this morning though I am a sucker for a single beauty so there's probably more in there.


I've chosen a few patterns today that you might deem worthy of your precious single skeins though I don't believe anything will ever be good enough for that single skein of art walk series by zen yarn garden as it is pretty much me in a skein of yarn so I'm making plans to be buried with it.


First up we have changing staircases by Dragon hoard designs, which is also inspired by harry potters moving staircases and features an I-cord edging which is a personal favorite so of course, this pattern went right in my own library too!

You can add this pattern to your library here -


There are many many sock hat and glove patterns out there designed for one skein of yarn too but I have chosen patterns that will show off those awesome skeins you have squirreled away, what good would making socks from one then jabbing them into shoes to cover them up be?? Also, we have almost zero need for hats or gloves in the southern hemisphere.


Another lovely shawl pattern is Easy goes it by Finicky Creations, this pattern is designed specifically for one skein of yarn and while it does have some texture and interest to keep you knitting with eyelet panels the star of the show will be that yarn.

you can add this one to your library here -


The next part of this search was a little harder I wanted to find a couple of crochet patterns for one skein, now this isn't as easy as it sounds, crocheting uses more yarn than knitting so getting something substantial from one skein can be more difficult, but of course, Ravelry has us covered!

 This is Fern by Jan Power, it has a lovely interesting shape and pattern to it, and you can get a nice fabric without it being too open. which while on my search for crochet for one skeins did seem to be a running theme, open stitch patterns.

you can add this one to your library here -


This last pattern is a slightly different one this is a crochet cowl called Magic Monday by Brenda Grobler and it features some interesting stitch work but will also still keep your yarn the star of the show.

you can add this one to your Ravelry library here -


I hope some of these smaller projects will help to keep you sane while we're all still quarantined and isolated with our close family, once again this week I have no uploaded a video because well my family won't leave me alone! I know I'm not alone with the feeling that while I love them I do wish they'd go away sometimes.

Also, my fridge has told me I'm not hungry I'm bored so I better cast on something new! 

Please all stay safe and well and if you're needing someone to talk to don't hesitate to drop me a line or reach out to someone you love, they're there for you I promise.

Much love




  • Hi paula sorry for the delayed response you’d need 2 skeins of do for the same yardage but you’d get a much larger shawl then stated using a dk :)

    AliM on

  • Keen to knit a shawl using outlander yarn Claire experiment and lenoch Castle.. In 8 ply.. Using the pattern shown online.. Wondering if I need 1 or 2 skeins.. Cheers Paula

    Paula on

  • hi Paula I don’t have a set list but I am always happy to suggest a pattern for a yarn and weight/amount you have or want to purchase!

    AliM on

  • Hi I am a very new newbie here.. Love love your yarns.. Especially outlander series.. Do you have any yarn and pattern combinations? Keen to hear from you

    PAULA on

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