Fancy a quickie?? Free pattern saturday!

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Who's got a dirty mind I was talking about quicky projects!!

I've been beavering away at orders this week and other projects, like keeping my child alive and not killing my significant other, whom I love dearly but he's ALWAYS HERE. Basically keeping myself sane during quarantine has become a full-time job in itself leaving very little emotional or physical room for knitting. My project even though it gets a few rows a night feels like it's going nowhere. So I feel the need for some instant gratification projects! things that are made in the chunky stand by and can be whipped up in a matter of hours.

This first one is a sweater in bulky yarn, and don't be fooled by the maximum yarn requirements only being 1100m this goes up to a 61-inch chest! it looks all slouchy and cosy and comfy and most of all - quick to knit!


Turtle Dove by Espace Tricot is knit in a 12 ply bulky on a 6 and 7mm needle and will work up super quick it is very flexible in sizing as it has a very relaxed fit and gosh damn do I want one right now! You can add this baby to your Ravelry library here or download it and get started -


This next one is by one of my fave designers she does some lovely patterns and her pictures are just awesome. This pattern is Offhand Lace and its a Chucky triangle shawl which there is actually two versions for one with a ribbing element and one with a seed stitch element.


Offhand Lace by Caitlin french can be downloaded or added to your library here - and it looks soooo snuggly! -

This next one is a crochet one and gosh damn it looks snuggly too! The Dwell sweater by Jess Coppom is a great big chunky cardigan crocheted on a 10mm hook and comes in several sizes. This crochet project starts out as just a simple rectangle and evolves into a cardigan like magic.

look it even has pockets!! You can find the pattern for this snuggly cardi here -


This last bonus pattern is a super super extra quickie which will also give you an intro into two colour brioche! a quick little cowl in two colours to get your eye in on that pesky two colour conundrum that is brioche knitting, The LUSH brioche cowl by Cassondra Rizzardi is the perfect intro to this technique.


This pattern even has tutorials worked into it to explain everything for you. It can be downloaded here -

Right, it is back to the dye pots for me and then maybe later ill be looking out all my bulky yarns! that turtle dove has my name all over it!

Have a lovely weekend you guys and remember to not kill any loved ones.






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