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K yall, its here. The new yarn store is open (I know, I said it wouldn't be open for a couple months but sick dog has meant we had to kick it into high gear). Some of you are probably going to be thinking why did she change the name?

After losing two men in my life in the last year I had to feel like I was commemorating these men. Giants among men who supported my dreams even through their own failings. My dad's favourite stone was Ruby, and my brother who was taken at too young an age was a fox lover, he volunteered to look after his local foxes, he fed them treated them, Watched out for them - truth be told he liked them more than people.

So despite the new name, you will see many many old favourites currently. There won't be anything brand new added until the new year and I am working on adding new stuff every day there are project bags, the works.

Now the fun stuff I'll be announcing a give away later so keep an eye peeled for that, and a discount code so again eyes peeled.

Regardless of codes and all that jazz however,

every order over 100 aud will receive a completely free pyramid project bag. Orders over 150 will receive a completely free wedge project bag. Orders over 200 will receive a completely free large pyramid bag.


Also please let me know if you'd like the subscription options we had previously or if you'd like something new and interesting?

Much love AliM xo


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