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This week's Saturday free pattern blog post is centered around free patterns that are plus-size friendly. I sit on the fence between being what the world calls 'normal' and plus size. when I first started knitting I was very very plus size, not only were patterns sparse but they took around 900 miles of yarn. That's often an aspect a pattern creator doesn't take into account when making a pattern that might fit a plus-size person, their choice of yarn to recommend might run a plus-size person 300+ dollars just to make or test their pattern.

This is something that endlessly frustrates me especially as someone who has experienced both sides of this, I can now make a pattern in a large or extra-large which opens up a world of patterns that i could not make before. I really do wish some of my favorites would go the extra mile and do the math for the larger customer :(

The first pattern I want to share is MILLS by Vera Sanon It stats this pattern runs to a 3XL however it is a cardigan so it will be forgiving to anywhere up to a 6XL.

It has a beautifully flattering silhouette for any shape and is knit in a thrifty worsted weight yarn.

You can download or add this pattern to your library here - https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/mills


The crochet pattern I have picked for this blog post is a DROPS design now a word of warning for DROPS patterns - some are hard to follow and may leave you scratching your head a bit, my advice is to break it down into steps and just work a little at a time and don't try to take in whole chunks of the pattern.

If you can get along with it this lovely circle cardigan is well worth it and the sizing goes up to a 3XL again this open work crochet so you will find this will stretch a little and would be forgiving to larger. 

This is another lovely shape and flattering on almost everyone its worked in DK yarn so it will also work up quickly!


The pattern is called Sea Glass by DROPS design and that can be downloaded or added to your library here - https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/164-16-sea-glass


Additionally to these two patterns shared today a few of the previous patterns I've shared here on the blog are also plus-size friendly, most notable are the Flax sweater which has a hugely inclusive size range from baby all the way up to 6XL, and the Habitat cardigan crochet pattern which also goes up to roughly a 3XL but again is a hugely forgiving pattern that will go further if you need it to.

There was no Friday yarn waffle this week because I have been so so busy organizing some 45+ orders to ship out this morning to you all - and for that, I am immensely grateful but I do have a video of my brand new yarn storage if you'd like to give that a little watch!

 Including special guests the dogs - molly who was entertaining if not helpful and saffron who was bemused by the entire thing. 



As you are no doubt aware we are collecting donations for Mollys last CCL (tpo) surgery in the form of a raffle, She is booked in for that surgery thanks in part to your generous donations and our credit card (save me) - on Wednesday this week. If you would like to donate to mollys surgery and also have a chance to win a 250 dollar gift card to spend in-store then hop over to the raffle tab and grab yourself a ticket. I am looking at drawing a winner on the 16th of march so just grab one before that!


Hope you enjoyed this weeks ramblings have a lovely weekend all!




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